At St Mary's we...
Live, Love and Learn with the Guidance of God


Our school vision & aims

St. Mary’s Primary School is a Catholic School. We share our beliefs in celebrating the Christian way of life in prayer and worship. We value the children entrusted to our care.

Through mutual support and cooperation, we strive to meet the spiritual, pastoral and academic needs of our children and our community.

We strive for excellence in all we do.


Our Vision Statement:

Our vision is to educate children in the spirit of the Gospel values and the traditions of the Catholic Church, nurturing the talents and potential of each individual

To fulfil the Church’s mission to evangelise and make Christ known to all, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School is committed to:

  • providing an education with Christ at the centre and a strong sense of Catholic identity meeting the spiritual needs of all;
  • being a welcoming, compassionate community, where all are equally loved and valued for who they are;
  • being an affirming, challenging educational community committed to the search for excellence for all;
  • working together as a family community, and with the Diocese of Middlesbrough, to ensure the best possible Catholic education for our young people;
  • working in partnership with other local schools, education providers and stakeholders in order to enhance the quality of provision for all;
  • living out the social teaching of the Church, and thereby promote community cohesion;
  • contributing in joyful hope to the creation of a society which is highly educated, skilled, fundamentally loving and generous.