At St Mary's we...
Live, Love and Learn with the Guidance of God


Our staff


Name  Position
Mrs C A Ruddy Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mrs L Phelps Deputy Head Teacher
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
Miss N Duffy Nursery Class Teacher
Miss K Phelps Reception Class Teacher
Miss M Baines Year 1 Class Teacher
Mrs A Hick Year 2 Teacher
Miss E Jackson Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs J Hurley Year 4 Class Teacher
Mrs C Smith Year 5 Class Teacher
Mrs E Gresham and Mrs M McCready Year 6 Class Teacher


Teaching Assistants
Mrs P Millington (Nursery)
Mrs L Jones (Reception)
Miss O Millington (One to One support Reception)
Mrs C South (Reception)
Miss D Morrison (Nursery)
Mrs P Hunton (Year 6)
Miss K Calvert (Year 4)
Mrs A Hughes (KS1 Interventions)
Miss Z White (Year 2)
Mrs K Doyle (Year 5)
Mrs D Wilkinson (Year 3)


Other staff
Mrs L Davies School Business Manager
Mrs A Lynch Administrator
Mr M Harland Caretaker
Mrs S Meadows Cook