At St Mary's we...
Live, Love and Learn with the Guidance of God


What we offer

Local Offer

We are St Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Primary Academy.

At St Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Primary Academy we aim to Live, love and learn with the guidance of God.

All about us

How we teach

We teach a creative and inspiring curriculum using the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum; this means we meet all of the required content provided in the new National Curriculum 2014.  Teachers plan engaging lessons and meet the needs of all children through differentiation and the use of Teaching Assistants.


How we identify the needs of our children

We aim to identify any specific needs as soon as possible.  This may be identified due to factors such as changes in behaviour, limited progress or concerns are raised by pupils, parents or carers, Doctors, Health Care Workers or Social Workers. If you feel your child may have Special Educational Needs, speak to the class teacher or SENDCO regarding your concerns.

All relevant adults and professionals are involved in the identification of needs and the planning involved in addressing needs. Where appropriate, children are also encouraged to participate in all the decision-making processes and contribute to the assessment of their need, review and any transition process.

If a child is identified as having additional needs, a number of steps may be taken. This could mean a possible referral to an Educational Psychologist, perhaps an assessment from the Specialist Teaching Service, or maybe a targeted intervention to support the development of skills in Literacy or Numeracy. The intervention very much depends on the need of the child. Parents are fully involved in any decision making process and meet regularly with class teachers and the school SENDCO to discuss the provision their child is accessing or needs to access. All provision is monitored and recorded on a Provision Map.

How we support our children

At St Mary’s, every class in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two has its own designated Teaching Assistant. Teaching Assistants offer additional support either to a small group or to individual children in lessons planned by the class teacher. Additionally, Nursery and Reception each have two Teaching Assistants. This is to ensure that all children have access to Outdoor Provision as well as indoor to further develop their skills.  Key Stage One, have an intervention Teaching Assistant that provides additional targeted support for groups of children/individuals identified by class teachers and the SENDCO.

Targets are set and regularly and children are monitored and assessed throughout their journey through school. In addition to this, formal assessments take place every half term. The data from these assessments is used to monitor progress and identify and children that may have additional needs.  Where appropriate, Individual Education Plans and SEN Support Plans are in place.

How we support our parents

Parents attend termly open evenings during which their child’s targets and any SEN Support plans or provision maps are discussed. In addition to this, reports are completed and sent out to parents twice a year. If teachers have any concerns, they are shared with parents immediately through a meeting. During this meeting a discussion takes place and an agreement of how to move forward is made. These concerns are recorded on our school ‘Pastoral Meeting’ form and are stored in a file for future reference.

How we support our staff

All staff engage in weekly professional development meetings that focus on areas such as developing teaching strategies, behaviour/emotional needs, supporting those that have experienced bereavement, Special Educational Needs, monitoring and tracking, assessment, Safe Guarding, Prevent Training and interventions.

All Foundation Stage staff are First Aid Trained and a designated person for Key Stage One and Key Stage two has been trained in Advanced Paediatric First Aid.  In addition to this, all dinner ladies are First Aid Trained.

How we support Transition through school

As we are a relatively small school, all of our staff are able to name most children in the school and at some point will have talked or worked with them. This means that most of our children are eager to start new year groups and show little anxiety.

Foundation Stage and in to Key Stage One

Nursery and Reception work closely together throughout the year; this means that children are familiar with all Foundation Stage staff prior to transition. To support the children with their move up to the next year group, the Nursery children spend two days in their new Reception Class towards the end of the Summer Term; this includes a visit to our Lunch Hall for a school dinner. In addition to this, the Reception children spend two full days in their new Year One classroom.

Key Stage One to Key Stage Two

Two Transition days take place at the end of the Summer Term. During this time children spend the morning with their new Teacher and Teaching Assistants.

Key Stage Two to Secondary School

Prior to the end of the year, Year Six staff and the school SENDCO meet with staff from feeder secondary schools. All pupils are discussed and any information/concerns are passed on. In addition to this, those children that are anxious about beginning a new school, or those that are vulnerable, begin visiting their new secondary school in the Spring Term. The aim of this is to reduce any anxiety that children/parents may have about a transition from Primary school and ensure every child is as prepared as possible to enter their new surroundings. Depending on the chosen Secondary School, a transition period takes place. This can vary from three days to three weeks. During this time children visit their chosen Secondary School and engage in organised transition activities.

Additional Activities

As a school we offer a vast range of after school clubs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. These clubs include:

Gardening Club, Multi skills, Zumba, Dance, Modern Dance, Football, Cookery, Art & Craft Club, Computer Club, Choir, Library and Chess.

Additionally, with the support of the Friends of St Marys, we host Discos, Christmas and Summer Fayres, Movie Nights and other organised fundraising events on a regular basis.

Support & Accessibility


Support for children with Special Educational Needs is a matter for the school as a whole. Additionally and when required, we offer an Outreach Support Programme, Counselling and School Nurse Engagement that can be tailored to meet the needs of different children. This often results in external teams visiting schools, when required, to work with individuals or groups of children. This is managed by the Head Teacher and the SENDCO.

If further support is required initially the Class Teacher is consulted. If further support is required this will be discussed with the SENDCO and the Head Teacher. If further support is required by alternative external agencies it is the responsibility of the SENDCO to arrange and coordinate accordingly.


Our school is wheel chair friendly. We have wide doors and double doors as well as ramps to access the main school building and a portable ramp to access nursery. In addition to this, we have a disabled toilet and access to changing facilities.