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Working party structure

Local Management Board of St Mary’s Catholic Primary Academy

Sub Committees / Working Parties

As at November 2016

Pupil Discipline Sub Committee

Membership: Three governors, not paid to work at the school, to be selected by the LMB Chair

Quorum: 3


  • To make recommendations to the local management board about general principles on school discipline.
  • To review policy statements relating to pupil discipline, behaviour and related matters and to recommend any changes to the local management board.
  • To determine matters relating to the reinstatement of excluded pupils (fixed term and permanent).

Pay review/performance management sub committee


Mrs S Haley, Mr H Gallacher, Mrs K Berry Cramer

Quorum:        2 for Performance Management, 3 for Pay Review

N.B. The Headteacher’s performance review must be carried out by two or a maximum of three governors. Where two governors carry out the performance review, at least one governor must be a foundation governor. Where three governors carry out the performance review, at least two governors must be foundation governors.


  • To monitor the operation of the Pay Policy and review as necessary, establishing criteria to be used subject to reporting to the next Governors’ meeting for formal amendment to the policy.
  • To undertake the annual assessment of staff salaries, including the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher.
  • To determine salary matters not subject to the statutory annual review process.
  • The Committee will accept representation against the review decision from any member of staff if so requested. Formal appeals to be referred to an Appeals Sub Committee.
  • To set a timescale for the planning meetings with an external partner and the review meeting itself.
  • To ensure that the school documentation required by the external partner is supplied.
  • To undertake the performance review of the head teacher and agree objectives for the year.
  • To monitor objectives during the year.
  • To review objectives at the end of the year, producing a written statement on the Headteacher’s performance.

Staff dismissal/redundancy committees

Mrs C Ruddy (Headteacher)
Nominated Governor – Mr H Gallacher


  • To discuss the need for staff reduction and, if necessary, set the criteria for nomination.
  • To also liaise with and consult the teachers’ associations.
  • To consider the nomination of a member of staff for consideration by the Hearing Committee for dismissal in relation to over-established posts.

Hearing Committee

At least three governors to be selected by the Chair of Governors (excluding any governors paid to work at the school)

Quorum: 3


  • To consider representations made on behalf of a member of staff whom the local management board proposes to dismiss and to determine whether that member of staff is to be dismissed.

Appeals Committee

At least three governors to be selected by the Chair of Governors (excluding any governors paid to work at the school)



  • To hear any appeal from member of staff against a decision by the local management board to dismiss him/her and to determine in light of the appeal, whether he/she should be dismissed.
  • To hear and determine appeals regarding salary reviews.
  • To consider any appeal against grading from a member of the non-teaching staff and decide whether the appeal can be upheld.
  • To hear appeals on disciplinary, grievance and capability matters
  • To consider appeals relating to leave of absence requests.
  • To hear complaints from the Headteacher about the performance management review following previously agreed objectives by the governors dealing with performance management.

Complaints Panel


Any 3 governors, not paid to work at the school, to be selected by the Chair of Governors.   Mr H Gallacher and Mrs K Berry-Cramer willing to provide reciprocal support to other schools in the trust.

Governor Responsibility:

Name Position
Mr H Gallacher Cluster/Local Governor Association Representative
Mrs K Berry-Kramer Safeguarding/Looked After Children
Mrs P Millington Child Protection
Mr K Cairns Pupil Premium

Safer recruitment accreditation

Name Date
Mrs C Ruddy (HT) March 2009
Mr H Gallacher November 2014